Le concept Suricate Galerie

C’est portée par la volonté d’acteurs Châteauneuvois, d’associer d’autres plaisirs à l’offre viticole réputée de l’Appellation, qu’est née Suricate Galerie.

Located in the village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape since August 2019, it is in a beautiful, spacious and open space that the works of contemporary art are open to the public. Collectors, art lovers or curious neophytes, the Grappe Galerie invites you to discover its selection.

La Grappe Galerie is also developing an online shopping website. It will allow our customers to follow the evolution of the hangings and our news. Our team is committed to the development of the region's cultural and artistic offer .

Our team

At the base of the Grappe, there are its co-founders, Danièle and Stéphane, who reaffirm here their professional complicity and pool their skills at the service of this project.

Passionate about art, Danièle pays particular attention to human relations. Curious about new artistic encounters, she has refined her talents to identify the particularities and the assets of the artists with whom she wishes to work.

Stéphane has been in love with contemporary art for many years. His experience in the art sales field has developed his ability to recognize promising artists.

Noémie joined the parent team as a marketing and communication manager. His literary training and artistic culture bring a different perspective on the proposed selection.

The artistic selection

The first season of the Grappe Galerie is a scholarly and judicious balance between long-standing artists and the founders' favourites. But also emerging artists discovered at the sandstone of fairs and exhibitions.

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